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Reference Guide for Essentials Oils

Reference Guide for Essentials Oils

Reference Guide for Essential Oils. 2018 Ed. Author: Higley. 

Coil Bound Hardcover.

Publisher Description: We proudly update the Reference Guide for Essential Oils—first published in 1996—to keep pace with how people use essential oils, what scientific research has revealed, and which new Young Living® products have made their debut. This latest edition is our most beautiful, accessible, and authoritative book to date.

Expanded to 704 pages, the Reference Guide is a comprehensive resource for both new and experienced essential oil users.  A revamped design—with many explanatory photos, images, and charts—organizes the content in a fresh way that is easy to learn and teach to others.

New Sections

The table of contents has 2 new and exciting entries: “Introduction to Essential Oils” and “Essential Oils In Depth.” We’ve subdivided, streamlined, and reorganized all the information for both of these background sections.

Introduction to Essential Oils

The new introduction is a complete “EOs 101” course. It covers where essential oils come from, what they are, how they benefit us, and ways to safely and effectively apply them. The emphasis is on the many approaches for practical use. Important points are highlighted, explained, and illustrated.  Even Vita Flex therapy and the Raindrop Technique are outlined with step-by-step photographs.

Essential Oils In Depth

This section will appeal to experienced users who want to broaden their knowledge base. After expanding on some introductory topics, the section zeroes in on scientific foundations: essential oil frequencies, the how-to of blending, and breakdown of chemical constituents with their therapeutic properties.

600+ Personal Guide Entries

At the heart of the Reference Guide is the Personal Guide section. This is where most oil users go most of the time. Here you’ll find which single oils, proprietary blends, supplements, and personal care products can help your health concerns. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual topics are all covered. Application methods are included, along with selected recipes, tips, and testimonials.

100+ Single Oils

Everything you want or need to know about each essential oil is here. You’ll identify the botanical family, extraction method/origin, chemical constituents, properties, common primary uses, folklore, historical uses, other possible uses, body systems affected, aromatic influence, application methods, internal use as a dietary supplement, safety data, blend classification, and best oils for blending.

80+ Oil Blends

Fulfill Your Destiny™ is the newest of so many supportive blends for overcoming, enjoying, and achieving more in life. You’ll learn the single oils and their purpose in each blend, body systems affected, aromatic influence, application, safety data, companion oils, frequency, and more.

Personal Care Products

Along with existing items, this section highlights new Young Living® product lines for the whole family! Shutran™ for men. Savvy Minerals™ makeup for women. Seedlings™ for baby. Every product entry includes all ingredients, essential oils and their purpose, suggested use, and body systems affected.


AminoWise™ and Super Cal Plus™ have joined the outstanding collection of essential oil–infused supplements for a long and healthy life. You’ll know your supplements inside and out with extensive information on each. Identify ingredients, essential oils and their purpose, suggested use, safety data, body systems affected, companion products, companion oils, and frequency.

Notes & New Products

As you use oils, blends, personal care products, and supplements, you can keep a personal reference record of new discoveries. You might also note suggestions and tips from others to try.


The appendix pulls it all together with super-synthesized charts of salient information. You’ll return to this section again and again as you increase your knowledge and expand your experience with essential oils. Again, where applicable, the emphasis is on everyday use. Included charts: body systems, single oil summaries (including products that contain them), blend summaries (including single oils in them), taxonomical division of plant families, and research references. Finally, an extensive index has been manually verified and redacted to reflect only the most relevant material.